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Kharkiv roller school YarolleR


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  • Why do you need a coach?
    17 June 2016

    Every year rollerskating is getting more and more popular as an affordable and interesting activity. Every spring more and more people buy skates, related accessories and make their first stepson skates. A lot of people think that learning how to roll is easy – stand up and skate.

  • Skating styles
    12 April 2016

    “What would you like to learn on skates?” it is very difficult to respond this question when you don’t know what is possible to do on skates. Surfing in Internet, we created a short review of the most popular skating styles.

  • How to choose wheels
    6 April 2016

    Nowadays, there are a lot of different producers of skates and skate accessories . Variety of colours, shapes and prices can easily mislead you. In This article we will try to describe main characteristics of wheels and details that needs separate attention choosing them.

  • New skaters generation
    15 March 2016

    Yaroller Kids Skate | Yaroller School from Yaroller School on Vimeo. and review on Youtube Here we have a few words from main characters: Maxim, what is your favourite skating discipline and why? – Most of all I like active skating, skate-cross and skating in the park, because I love speed. Marat and Elvira, do […]


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